XtraLex is a suite of paragraph oriented text manipulation tools that is built seamlessly into Microsoft Word for Windows. XtraLex is a powerful addition to your existing precedent system; it does not replace it. All XtraLex's functions are provided from a customised ribbon (for Word 2007 users) or pull down menu (for Word 2003 users).

Every day, lawyers are re-using, amalgamating and modifying text, but the text processing systems in use for the last 20-30 years have advanced relatively slowly. Making it easy for transactional lawyers to adopt and customise text from precedent and knowledge base systems remains a difficult challenge. Even the relatively simple task of reformatting copied text is often problematic and time consuming. Now, XtraLex applies new intelligence to these text management and manipulation functions.

XtraLex is owned by, created by and marketed by XtraLex Systems www.XtraLex.com - Application Insight provides technical and end-user support for the XtraLex Word addin, in particular, in the legal services marketplace in:

  • Personal Productivity Tools, and
  • Departmental Productivity Applications.
XtraLex Systems Legal Drafting Tools
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A new approach to legal text manipulation.