A desktop application to help users create full 1-year business plans

This tool was created during 2006-07 and has been used by many entrepreneurs since then. It was originally developed for social entrepreneurs and the Small Business and Co-operative Editions added over time. Business Plan Writer is available from www.businessplanwriter.co.uk (another trading arm of Social Enterprise Outcomes Ltd).

Business Plan Writer has been designed to help entrepreneurs (start-up, small business and social enterprise) with writing their business plans. With an easy-to-use navigation system and extensive help guides the software guides you through every stage of how to write your business plan.

The financial tools make putting the money side of the plan straightforward and the sample business plans give examples of what others have written. The software is suitable to be used by beginners and those with experience of writing business plans. It is available in three versions: Small Business, Social Enterprise and Co-operative.

Find out more about Business Plan Writer at www.businessplanwriter.co.uk

Business Plan Writer
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Development work continues with an updated version released (usually) every other month. Got a specific feature request? Get in touch to discuss your needs. www.businessplanwriter.co.uk